Michael Simic (Mikelangelo)

Mikey's Wednesday NIght Singalong #125 - Folk Roots

Date: 20/09/2023 08.30PM

Live Stream Video (Not a back up or archived gig)

Wed, 20 Sep 2023, 8:30 PM


Event Info:

Hey folks,

last week's singalong via Gig Alliance was a dream, good picture, great audio, and as local patron Grant King said: "at the same time too"!

This week I'll be panelling the livestream myself, with a pre-sound/vision check with Kimmo before going live - he's got a gig mixing Ed Kuepper so won't be with us this time. I'm a bit jealous, but I'll pull through with the knowledge of your fine company.

This week, I'm delving into some of my folk influences and singing a collection of my songs and songs by artists I love. Expect some Townes Van Zandt, Joni Mitchell, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, The Gadflys, Peter Paul and Mary and more, even a few old enough to be written by Anon. Some people may think of a few of these artists as country or jazz/blues. I think their songs are anchored in folk traditions, there are tunes sung by Nina and Townes that feel ancient, echoing the melodies, stories and emotions that have been around as long as people have been singing. As Johnny Cash once said when asked what kind of music he plays: "I play folk music, cos I play music for folk.

Look forward to seeing you Wednesday night, same Mikey time, new Mikey channel.