RAW ya BOAT 2.0

Date: 20/05/2023 02:45 PM

Live Stream Video (Not a back up or archived gig)

Sat, 20 May 2023, 2:45 PM


Event Info:

Set sail for the highseas with HV Events.


Bringing you  “Raw Ya Boat 2.0”.

On Saturday 20th May 2023 we welcome an international guest who is no stranger to our shores along with

our old school pirates and new school rebels.

Cruising along the iconic Sydney Harbour on the Cadman Cruises dancing to the beats we all love.

From the old school beats to the new school sounds you don't want to miss this ship full of nostalgia and heavy sounds.

  • International Act (who can it be)

  • Symmetry (vic)

  • Redhot

  • Blocka

  • CaraCel

  • Animosity

  • Hyper

  • Catzeyez

  • United as one

  • SoundZero

  • Cypher

  • Crytonik

  • Sinister

  • Doomzie

  • Blanchard

  • Severe

  • Stratisphere

  • Kasper

  • Barbz

Hosted by Mc Pez


KING ST WHARF (OUTSIDE CARGO BAR) 02:45pm to 07:30pm


#Raw Style #UPTEMPO