Date: 25/02/2023 08:30 PM

Sat, 25 Feb 2023, 8:30 PM

MoshPit Bar

Erskineville, Sydney, Australia
Event Info:

Rah! Records Social Club is back for their monthly event, this time bringing the bearded magic of Primitive and a talented pool of supports for February's event.

Primitive: By way of the Gold Coast in Queensland to N.S.W, Peter Sandercock or 'Primitive' as he's respectively known in Sydney's vibrant rap scene has gained fast success over the relatively short period he's been active as an Aussie hip-hop artist. Driven to leave his mark on Australian hip hop - Primitive raps with enough conviction for you to not just believe his lyrics, but to feel them for yourself and also relate, as he intended for you. With a desire to be one of the best Aussie hip hop artists; Prim promotes a positive message of hope and change through his powerful lyrics. As he reflects, creatively, on a period he calls his 'rock bottom', it's clear to see that the future is looking up for Peter, and it's certainly looking bright.

Imagine The Rapper: Imagine the rapper is a Sydney based Alt/Pop/Hip hop artist. His recent releases include "œSpace Cadet" and "œMemories" from his up coming EP "œTrees". His sound ranges widely along with strong Lyrical content and wavey Melodies make him a diverse artist to keep on your radar !!!

Beyond Dope: This old school, energetic group is made up of Mighty Ash, Branded Moore and GhostAttacK. Their brand of hip hop is all about energy and vibes. Their first two live shows had to be seen to be believed. Come on down for the February gig and catch this act before they take over the world.

BillyLostMind: BillyLostMind is a rising star in the Australian hip-hop scene hailing from Western Sydney. His music is a unique blend of Australian culture and influences from some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Mac Miller, Sticky Fingers, Kerser, Notorious BIG, Wu Tang and Nas. With a distinctive flow and clever lyrics, BillyLostMind's music is characterized by its catchy beats and smooth delivery. He has a passion for storytelling, taking his listeners on a journey through his life experiences, giving them a glimpse into his world and the struggles he has faced. His music resonates with a wide range of listeners, making him a standout in the Australian hip-hop scene.

Yianax: Yianax: young underground rapper and entrepreneur from inner west Sydney making his rounds through the industry from his rap music.