Date: 27/05/2023 08:00 PM

Sat, 27 May 2023, 8:00 PM

Event Info:

Old Mate Ham: Often unique and always entertaining, Old Mate Hamb is a Sydney based singer/song writer, guitarist and bar spitter who dabbles in many artistic genres, a melting pot of influence channeled through the fractured mind of a modern day larrikin. A member of Rah records since 2022, Hamb's latest project delves into the trials and tribulations of addiction, the love the loss and the happily apathetic. Tongue in cheek and always energetic Out of the MoshPit, straight to the pool room, RSL Nouveau, get amongst it!

Deej Aye: Deej Aye is an multilingual emcee, beatboxer and looper hailing from Minneapolis, USA and now living in the Blue Mountains. Weaving together his work as a globe-trotting social scientist and community organizer, he takes "œconscious" hip hop to the next level through cinematic storytelling of present-day realities and alternative futures. Deej Aye is a lyricist's lyricist able to seamlessly blend evocative word play, multiple entendres, and paradigm-shifting insights into some serious #powerbars.

Beyond Dope: Underground super-group, comprised of MCs Mighty Ash and Branded Moore, and producer and performer GhostAttacK, came together to bring a fresh take on old-school, energetic hip hop. Having been the resident band for the Rah! Records Social Club events, Beyond Dope have stunned audiences with their energetic performances, huge beats and playful lyricisim, showcasing their talents and years of individual live experiences.

BillyLostMind: BillyLostMind is a rising star in the Australian hip-hop scene hailing from Western Sydney. His music is a unique blend of Australian culture and influences from some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Mac Miller, Sticky Fingers, Kerser, Notorious BIG, Wu Tang and Nas. With a distinctive flow and clever lyrics, BillyLostMind's music is characterized by its catchy beats and smooth delivery. He has a passion for storytelling, taking his listeners on a journey through his life experiences, giving them a glimpse into his world and the struggles he has faced. His music resonates with a wide range of listeners, making him a standout in the Australian hip-hop scene.

Meeto The Drummer: Drummer and rhythm explorer bringing drum machines/sequencers and samplers to get you out your seat and feeling good.

Skiddymatt: 21 year old undergroud hip hop rapper with smooth creative flow, Skiddymatt uses a lot of reference in his bars to create unique twists in his lyrics. With an expanded vocabulary, he tries to experiment with all types of beats and different styles of rap.