Date: 11/11/2022 08:30 PM

Fri, 11 Nov 2022, 8:30 PM

MoshPit Bar

Erskineville, Sydney, Australia
Event Info:

A night of the best underground hip hop from Sydney and beyond!

Boasting sharp lyricism, electric performances and an ever-cheeky wink, St.Bedlam is recognised as one of Sydney's most unique, charming and formidable hip hop talents.

Verse is an up and coming Sydney based rapper bringing high energy performances, melodic infused bars and an unmatched passion for making people happy. Launched at the start of 2022 and currently making waves with a unique style of hip hop that's catchy, lyrical and infectious. Here to make a name and become a Aussie hip hop icon!

Atihcual (@atihcual) is 25 years old, born in Santiago de Chile. Beatmaker and sound technician. Atihcual (ex Lauchitang) started in the world of beatmaking in 2012 with her group of friends in Puente Alto. In 2018 she had her first shows playing live and with B+B beatmakers. In 2019 she was invited by FemmeRap Fest and Matucana100 to hold workshops on Beatmaking and Sound. She actively participated as a sound technician in the workshops and in the festival that took place in January 2020. That same year she participated with Beatmaker Attack in an audiovisual project currently called Worldwide Beats. In 2021 she started working on his rhythm tape called La Kolekta which is still in the editing and mixing process. She has collaborated with Moondana, Rfporke, Vincemass, Madness, Urxulo and others. She has participated with beats for projects by Diggincutsflava, Beatgenios and Beatmakers Attack. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia and is willing to collaborate with people who love hip-hop culture.

Australian rapper 1neout has been bubbling to the surface, exploring countless different strains and subsets of hip-hop, and what we now have is a music scene with variety like no other. 1neout is Known for his assured presence, sharp-witted lyricism, and his ability to execute multiple flows, 1neout has all of the necessary ingredients to make himself a staple in the Australian circuit/scene. His latest single and video is titled "œRUN FOR YA LIFE" featuring Kodex63. There is quite a tone or touch for the young emcee. Songs like "œWords Unspoken" and "œBetter way of living" are heavily packed with substance and emotion, while other songs such as "œPuppet Master" and "œMoney Makin Mindset" are fun and flows doing aerobatics! It's a shame the coronavirus pandemic has so far robbed us of the chance to see him live, in all his chaotic glory. In the meantime, though, 1neout will continue to keep the scene on its toes with his every move.

Qosmea (pronounced 'cos-may-uh') is a Sydney based music collective comprised of lead vocalist Jade Kenji, beatmaker Kase Avila, bassist Tomoyuki Hachigo, keyboard player Armah Okai, and turntablist DJ Haru. With influences from boom bap to bebop to New Jack, Qosmea are bringing that swing to the stage, one tiny desk jam at a time.

MischDDB 20 year old Sydney city underground artist on the come up. Rapping about hardships with a positive message, mental health and drug addictions condoning none of them. DDB staying persistent with being an artist will evolve into something bigger than "œAussie rap"

Raw Central coast female LGBTIQA+ rap artist bringing chill vibes and deep bars on old school beats.