Date: 25/03/2021 08:00 PM

Live Stream Video (Not a back up or archived gig)

Thu, 25 Mar 2021, 8:00 PM

MoshPit Bar

Erskineville, Sydney, Australia
Event Info:

No Halo and The Jam Sandwiches rock The MoshPit!


Proclaimed as "œSydney's newest indie rock band," No Halo has roots in the alternative, new age sound of music. The band have been delivering their unique sounds that highlights the group's innocence and teenage angst through reminisce. The band's high-energy performances have been known to captivate the audience as No Halo blends their musicianship, creativity and dimension shines through.


The Jam Sandwiches are an up and coming inner-west based rock band, specialising in hard rock, psychedelia and progressive music. All four members draw from varying influences to create unique, well… Jams! They have been meticulously crafting new and exciting music over the course of the lockdown, mixing genres and styles, preparing them for release. With such an enormous range their spectacular live shows are bound to impress.


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