Close To Forever

Close To Forever - Hearts And Desire

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Close To Forever
The creative love child of Dale Caldwell and Ben Fink, Close to Forever is a 6 piece band featuring some of Australia’s most acclaimed & talented musicians.

Dale Caldwell vocals
(Martenitsa ensemble and founding member of singing and drumming band Voices from the Vacant Lot)

Ben Fink guitar/vocals
(The Whitlams, Lior, Christa Hughes and Voices from the Vacant Lot)

Chris Abrahams piano
(the Necks, the Benders, Melanie Oxley and many others)

Danny Heifetz drums
(Mr Bungle, Link Wray, Secret Chiefs, Old Man River)

Sam Golding horns
(Mara Big Band, Sousaphonics, Tango Saloon)

Peter Hollo cello
(Tangents, FourPlay and raven)