Rebekka Neville - Fools Rush In

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I hope that the joy I experienced recording this album alongside a group of amazing professionals comes through in the listening and brings listeners as much enjoyment.

A labour of love brought to the surface the connections I have forged with these lovely musicians over my career.
Toby, who drums on this album, has that special "vibe" as Daryl Kerrigan from The Castle would say.

My longtime duo partner, Paul Mitchell Brown, plays guitar on the record.I am thankful to Paul who arranged several of the songs on this album. He and I ran the Sydney Jazz Singers Workshop together. I recall one kooky gig where we played in a shopfront window, at the Bacio VIP Store in Summer Hill. We also played at the Balmain Jazz Festival together.

Uk/Aussie musician and session vocalist, Michael Finnegan, sings on one song. His amazing range and distinctive voice some will recognise from Sydney bands including the Steely Dan cover band.

Chris O’Dea on sax is known for playing barefoot. The barefoot sax player, no shoes. He brought such a playful, uplifting demeanour to the recording session. His sax playing has a real vintage sound, like he's channelling Larry McKenna.

Piano player Doctor Matt, has a PhD and teaches at the Con. He has worked with many of the greats including Vince Jones. I have great admiration and respect for his knowledge and sensitive piano playing style.

Bass player, Craig Scott, I have known for fifteen years. We had a residency gig together at The Grace Hotel and is ex-head of the Con.

Dr Nathan Henshaw plays Soprano Sax on a track and the talented Simon Ferenci on trumpet along with Marcus Holden who plays strings.
released April 28, 2022

Produced by Rebekka Neville
Recorded March 2021 at Free Energy Device Studio Sydney by Richard Belkner - Mixed and recorded by Jules Goyen
Mastered by Michael Lynch

Rebekka Neville - Vocals
Matt McMahon - Piano
Craig Scott - Bass
Toby Hall - Drums

Chris O’Dea - Saxophone -(track 1,2,3,5,6,9)
Paul Mitchell Brown - Guitar -(track 1,2,4,5)
Michael Finnigan-Young - Vocal with Bek (track 4)
Nathan Henshaw - Soprano Saxophone - (track 7)
Marcus Holden Strings - track 7)
Simon Ferenci - Trumpet - (track8)